The name “3 Pines” was inspired by the name of the quarter where it is located: Tria Pefka (Τρία Πεύκα), which literally means three pines! Tria Pefka is a neighborhood full of history: refugees that fled Asia Minor after Greece’s defeat in the Greco-Turkish war (1919-1922) and the subsequent population exchange between Greece and Turkey settled in this area which was incorporated into Heraklion’s urban fabric.

Walk around the neighborhood and you’ll see some of the remaining refugees’ homes that act as reminiscent of the past: small, humble houses with front yards, colourful flower pots, and vines climbing the old arbours. Also, just a few meters from the 3 Pines facility you’ll meet one of the original three pine trees that gave the neighborhood its name, standing proudly in the middle of the street. 

Either you’re traveling for leisure or pleasure, 3 Pines is a place of life, a home away from home strongly connected to the historic neighborhood of Tria Pefka and the city of Heraklion, an integral part of the local community.

3Pines Interior
City Experience Suite
Living Room 3pines Supreme Penthouse
City Experience Suite

Design Living

The 3Pines Design Living in Heraklion, Crete, is thoughtfully designed to satisfy the evolving, diverse needs of the contemporary traveler. Our vision was to go beyond the classic hotel hospitality and offer a “hybrid” accommodation for all different types of guests: couples and families, friends traveling together, business travelers, and long-stay travelers. 


Hybrid doesn’t mean soulless. Design plays a vital role in making every 3 Pines apartment and communal area an inspiring place to live in, going beyond the simple combination of function & form. 


The 3 Pines’ overall design is contemporary yet timeless, simple yet with bold, fresh overtones. Iconic designer furniture pieces coexist harmoniously with the custom-made solid oak furniture by local craftsmen. The deliberately abstract molded TOY chair, the versatile Uncle Jim armchair, and the eco-friendly A.I. chair made by 100% recycled material, all designed by the world-famous creator Philippe Starck, meet the Light-Air suspended lights by Eugeni Quittlet that escape the law of gravity, as well as the sleek Lama handles by Gio Ponti that add an element of geometric simplicity on the oak doors. The 3 Pines scenography is completed by carefully selected objets d’art that add texture and colour to each space.

City Experience Suite
Balcony 3pines Supreme Penthouse
City Experience Suite


a space to live in
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Business Friendly​​
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Fully Equipped
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Designer’s Furniture
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Long-Term Book
Solar Powered
EV Charger
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Roof Top Lounge
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Pool Lounge Area
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Co-working space
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24/7 Check - in
Team Bonding events
Pool 3pines hotel


3 Pines is a living breathing habitat, conscientiously designed to have a sustainable ecological footprint. The green façades of the facility are not merely an aesthetic choice but also a conscious addition creating a thermal benefit and a cooling effect that enhances the urban microclimate.

3 Pines design apart-hotel implements a series of integrated ecological practices. Solar panels installed on the roof power a large portion of the facility’s energy needs like hot water, elevator service, communal areas lighting, and more. Smart-home applications and control systems ensure energy saving, reducing the carbon footprint of the building.  Eco-responsibility also reflects in the design of the apartments:  the furnishings make the most of sustainable and eco-friendly materials, like natural wood (custom-made furniture, floors, doors, kitchen cabinets, and wardrobes are all made of oak and walnut) and recycled materials (A.I. chair by Philippe Starck).

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